Compressed and Liquefied Natural gas technologies have given rise to many fleet applications from storage, maintenance, and repair outside of just the filling station. Many business owners have no idea of the liability involved with the health and safety regulations defined in the federal codes applicable to their environments. GTT will give assurances to all that their employees and infrastructure investments are well guarded with design applications that cover all OSHA, NFPA, and IFC regulations.

Steps include:

  • Site Assessment
  • Environment and Workplace Evaluation
  • Applicable Gas Monitoring/Alarm Selection
  • Management and Employee Training


GTT will provide high quality engineering drawings utilizing UL approved monitoring and alarm systems to the appropriate planning authority on behalf of owners. Once permits are obtained, GTT will use only qualified personnel to install and test the system for certificate of occupancy from the local Fire Marshall or other authority. GTT will provide all submittals for maintenance of systems and train management to ensure future calibration requirements by law.


Gas monitoring, detection, and alarm systems are like all other electrical systems and require maintenance and attention. GTT will assure owners of the requirements of each piece of equipment installed and how to maintain the equipment to provide continuous monitoring and a safe work place.